Hi, I’m Kyle.  Some people call me TroubleMaker.

I’ve lived in San Diego since I was 18 years old.  I’m 22 now.  I’m a pretty normal guy by most accounts.  I’m also charming with the ladies, well-dressed, in great shape, and make very good money.

Oh, and did I mention how modest I am?

The point is though: it was not always easy for me.  Years of self-realization, hard work, and dedication have shaped me into the man I have become today.  I have endured countless struggles (many of which are documented on my personal blog) to reach the point I am at in life now.

Now I want to give back.  So, let me do a bit of a cold read on you readers.  I would wager:

  • You are somewhere in the age range of 16-50.
  • You probably slightly exaggerate the number of girls you’ve had sex with.
  • You’ve probably had one or two serious relationships, that ultimately didn’t work out that well for you.
  • You found this website via Google, trying to figure out your own life.
  • If not, you found this website through my blog or other similar works.
  • You consider yourself a nice guy and a decent human being, yet, you somehow have never had success with girls.
  • You feel anxious, terrified, or simply frozen at the thought of talking to a pretty girl.

I could go on and on because I was that guy, and most men are.  My hope is that this website, along with my personal blog, can help you figure out your life much like how I did.  Yes, there are products on this site, and yes, I do charge to coach.  Everyone has to make an honest living.  However, there is also plenty of free information scattered here and especially on my personal blog, ThisIsTrouble.com.

I hope my book, San Diego Nightlife Guide, can help you find the best spots in the city to maximize your success with girls.  That, combined with all of the free information on this site, is the best, no-bullshit guide out there to experience great profits in our beautiful city.

You stay classy, San Diego.

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