Nightlife Coaching

The first session is $100.  This covers:

  • Half hour phone consultation, in which I’ll get a feel for your style, which will influence where I take you.
  • All rides for the night – I will pick you up and drop you off wherever you would like.  You will be free to drink without worry of a DUI.  However, I strongly encourage you to keep the drinking to a minimum while learning game.
  • Parking at the party venue we hit up.
  • The entire night spent solely on coaching YOU.  Getting you in the right state of mind, moving you past approach anxiety, and absorbing you.  I’ll be in the field happy to open sets to demonstrate.  This time frame is roughly 9pm-2am.
  • Discounts on follow-up coaching sessions.

** NOTE – this does not include any cover charges at venues or your drinks while out.

Online Dating Help

If you’d rather spend your time on dates as opposed to getting dates, I can understand.  No doubt, online dating is the quickest way to get a lot of dates in a short period of time.

For $50, I’ll write your whole profile to increase the amount of responses you get.  I also will help select pictures, and fill out basic information or questionnaires such as the ones on OKCupid.

For $10, I’ll review your current profile and provide suggestions and feedback.

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