San Diego Sluts (Book)

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The San Diego Nightlife Guide eBook is the easiest way to figure out the best venues and strategies to make the most of beautiful San Diego’s nightlife.

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The book breaks down three different areas – Downtown, North Park, and Pacific Beach.  There are future plans to further expand the content to other neighborhoods and boroughs of the city, as well.

Included in the book is a weekly calendar, summing up where you should head for any night of the week.  I’ve also included some various other snippets and resources to help with game, setting up dates, and other topics relating to masculinity.

So, the key question – how much is this going to cost you?

$4.95 unlocks the secrets and tricks I’ve learned from the last several years of going out in San Diego.  I can’t promise you it will stay at this price forever.

The eBook will be available for direct download immediately upon purchase.  It comes in a .ZIP, and the book is in .PDF format – you will need the correct software to read it.  I recommend Foxit Reader.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.

Here’s what people have said about the book:

“As a previous San Diego inhabitant, Kyle definitely knows his stuff in terms of the San Diego bars and clubs.”

– Pete, Manosphere Radio

“Really like where you sum it all up on a day by day basis, this is gold. PB on tues/thursday and downtown friday/saturday were my bread and butter and you nailed it with this page.”


Ready to get laid in the whale’s vagina?  


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