Bang SDSU Sluts

This is my personal Alma matter.  Undoubtedly, one of the top venues in San Diego to meet hot girls.  There is no shortage of dumb sorority sluts walking around campus the entire day.  Unfortunately, when I went there I was a virgin who hadn’t even kissed a girl.  I went through my whole freshmen year without kissing a girl until two weeks left in the semester.

I was with that girl until junior year was almost over.  Yeah, I regret it all.  Here’s what I should have been fucking all four years.  This is very much the norm of SDSU.  You will see dozens of girls like this every day.



SDSU is on the east side of San Diego, heading towards the mountains.  It’s roughly a ten to fifteen minute drive from the beach.  Note that it does get hotter than at the beach by ten degrees on the warm days.


No shortage of smoking hotties.


Dozens of coffee shops and eateries around make this easy.  There are bars near Point 6 on the map below.


Below is a map of the entire campus.  As you can see, I’ve labeled 6 spots on the map.  First off, for parking I would recommend parking in structures 3 or 6 (to the left of point 6 on the map) or parking structure 4 (just left of point 2).  You will have to pay.  Otherwise, look for street parking on Montezuma Road or on 55th Street.  No guarantees.


Point 1, The Gym

This area is right outside of the main arena, as well as the student gym, the ARC (Aztec Recreation Center).  The gym is packed from 9am-9pm with bros on steroids…as well as all of the girls doing cycling/spin/yoga or whatever the fuck they do on the elliptical. This is a high traffic area, and there are also plenty of places to sit down, as well.  You’re also close to the athletic center…so if manly softball players are your thing, you’re in luck there, too.  There’s also a coffee kart nearby, as well as a smoothie stand.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, see if you can weasel your way in to the gym and run your game in there.  Day passes are not that expensive.

Point 2, The Turtle Pond

This is on the end of the classrooms at the bottom of the hill.  There’s a koi fish pond with turtles.  Here, you’re likely to find girls in between classes taking a break.  Some will be on their laptop; others will simply be sitting and staring into space.  The good news is that if she’s by herself, she’s more than likely going to be receptive to being opened.  Just sit down in the grass next to her and run your usual game.

You’re also likely to find some of the cute, nerdier girls in this area.

Point 3, Campanile Walkway

This is probably the highest foot traffic area of the campus.  It’s swarming with people going to and from class.  With that being said, I wouldn’t venture here unless your actually street stopping skills are very good.  Most girls are always late to class, so that makes it difficult.

The best way to go about it is to ask where something is.  With any luck, she’ll be going the same way and you can walk with her, which at least gives you a couple minutes to build some attraction.

Watch out for all of the idiotic bikers and skateboarders.


Point 4, Aztec Center/East Commons

As of writing this, the new Aztec Center is under construction.  It should be quite beautiful when done, and I would imagine it will be a hub where lots of people will be hanging out.  Point 4 covers from the center all the way to East Commons, which is the main dining hub for the entire campus, and the bookstore.  There will be a lot of foot traffic in between these two points if you like the street stops, or you can use my weasel tactics as mentioned previously and ask for directions.

You also have the option of gaming inside the dining hub or the bookstore.


Point 5, College Square

This area is right behind the main dorms of the campus.  It’s also conveniently close to the bridge all of the hot 18 year olds walk by every day.  There’s a Starbucks and a few other eateries located around as well.  You will find many girls just sitting and meandering around.

On Friday/Saturday nights, I highly recommend running late-night weasel game with girls at the taco shop, Trujillo’s.

Point 6, The Dorms

It doesn’t get much better than this.  The several thousand freshmen that live in these dorms all have to walk by here.  There will be girls sitting on the benches, girls going to the dining hall, and girls walking from the parking structures.  The options are limitless.  Often, if they are coming back from class, they won’t be in much of a rush.

If you’re real good, weasel your way up to her dorm room.


Thousands of hot 18-25 year olds.  Do I need to say more than that?

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